A recap of the books we’ve spotlighted in the past few days.

    Book Review

    Why Time Flies: A Mostly Scientific Investigation

    By Alan Burdick

    A deeply engaging exploration of time as a social convention and biological mystery.

    Beyond The Book

    What do book lovers have queued up on their nightstands and ready to read before lights-out? We asked one of them, and here’s what she said.

      Book Review

      The Devil and Webster: A Novel

      By Jean Hanff Korelitz

      A naive college president struggles to contain a protest by media-savvy students.

      Author Q&A

      The novelist brings back witty sleuth Samantha Clair a third time in her newest work, A Cast of Vultures.

      Book Review

      An erudite retelling of the brutal long-ago clashes.

      Washington, DC

      Meet one of the renowned participants in Books Alive! 2017

      Book Review

      Dark family secrets take center stage in this spooky, atmospheric debut.

      Book Review

      The veteran satirist weighs in on the reality show that was our last presidential campaign.

      Book Review

      The One Inside

      By Sam Shepard

      The legendary playwright/actor forges an innovative frontier novel for contemporary times.

      Book Review

      A law professor warns of looming danger from financial imbalance.