Book Review

The Papers of Martin Luther King, Jr. Volume VII. To Save the Soul of America. Jan. 1961-Aug. 1962

Edited by Clayborne Carson and Tenisha Armstrong

The seventh volume of Martin Luther King Jr.’s papers highlights King’s impact on civil rights and John F. Kennedy’s administration.

Book Review

The Dog: A Novel

By Joseph O’Neill

This much-anticipated follow-up novel falls far short of its predecessor.

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It’s Geography Awareness Week! (We know, right?) So put down your globe and pick up these fascinating stories, all of which boast a vivid setting.

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    Hear that? According to this engaging new book, it’s all part of the plan.

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    …for everyone on your gift list, that is.

    Author Q&A

    Richard Ford writes time-capsule books. His Frank Bascombe novels should be included in the next NASA probe sent deep into outer space. It will help residents of Planet Glort, on the other side of the Milky Way, better understand what it is to be a human on Planet Earth.

    Book Review

    Let Me Be Frank With You

    By Richard Ford

    Richard Ford’s much-loved Frank Bascombe is back for a fourth turn, and he’s as cranky, introspective, judgmental, unapologetically Democratic, and wise as ever.

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    A monthly feature that looks at books of and about poetry.

    Book Review

    Twilight of the Eastern Gods

    By Ismail Kadare (translated by David Bellos)

    Blending the personal and political, this book reveals one writer’s experiences in a prestigious Soviet Union graduate school.

    Author Q&A

    “My great hope for Dave Haggard is that he can provide a few hours of page-turning entertainment…”

    Book Review

    Splinters (The Prospero Chronicles)

    By F.J.R. Titchenell and Matt Carter

    Strong characters and an ambitious plot make for an engaging — if uneven — debut novel.