Author Q&A

The professor offers a sobering yet hopeful assessment of modern-day America

    Book Review

    Heat & Light: A Novel

    By Jennifer Haigh

    A beautifully written look behind the curtain of fracking and into the lives of those affected by it.

    Book Review

    Girls on Fire: A Novel

    By Robin Wasserman

    This fraught, over-the-top story of angst, sex, and deception aimed at grownups belongs on the young-adult shelf.

    Book Review

    The Secrets of Flight: A Novel

    By Maggie Leffler

    Intertwined narratives bring the tale of a female WWII pilot to life

    Author Q&A

    In Daughters of the Samurai, the author resurrects the remarkable, long-buried story of three Japanese girls sent to America in the 1870s.

    Beyond The Book

    What do book lovers have queued up on their nightstands and ready to read before lights-out? We asked a couple of them, and here’s what they said.

    Book Review

    And After the Fire: A Novel

    By Lauren Belfer

    Music pulses through this rich tale of love, morality, and a lost cantata

    Book Review

    What You Want

    By Constantine Phipps

    This unusual novel-in-verse aims for — but doesn’t quite reach — lofty philosophical insights

    Author Q&A

    The Washington Post reporter and YA novelist talks about her latest book, the WWII-era Girl in the Blue Coat.

    Book Review

    A lightly fictionalized, little-known tale of disaster at sea

    Book Review

    The Last Good Girl

    By Allison Leotta

    This latest Anna Curtis novel provides plenty of the page-turning action fans have come to expect