A peek at what's on tap in the Independent this week.


    A recap of the books we’ve spotlighted in the past few days.

      Book Review

      The Half-Drowned King: A Novel

      By Linnea Hartsuyker

      A rollicking tale of monarchs, murder, and mayhem in long-ago Norway.

      Book Review

      Moving away from oppression one mile at a time.

      Beyond The Book

      What do book lovers have queued up on their nightstands and ready to read before lights-out? We asked one of them, and here’s what he said.

      Book Review

      Gravel Heart: A Novel

      By Abdulrazak Gurnah

      This international family drama unsettles readers with themes of political strife, homelessness, and inner turmoil.

      Book Review

      A clarion call for standalone kids' healthcare facilities

      Author Q&A

      The novelist talks Song of the Lion, the beauty of the Southwest, and advice to her younger self.

      Book Review

      Madame Zero: 9 Stories

      By Sarah Hall

      A palpable sense of place dominates the tales in this winning collection.

      Book Review

      The Lost Ones: A Novel

      By Sheena Kamal

      This atmospheric Canadian noir about a hard-bitten, mixed-heritage detective will keep you turning pages.

      Book Review

      A conflicted idealist details the lessons learned while working with a disadvantaged young man.